Our mission

Our mission is to provide support from the air for search and rescue services at sea, helping them to locate boats in distress.

From the sky, the widened field of vision and the speed (10 times that of a boat) will make it possible to cover an extended search area.

To carry out these overflight missions, we have already acquired an aircraft. At the moment, it is undergoing modifications to increase its initial autonomy in order to be able to patrol as long as possible without a stopover.

We are planning missions of about four hours in the area, but if our funding permits, we would like to increase these search periods to eight hours a day as soon as possible.

Our operations will be integrated into the existing maritime rescue operation, coordinated today by the MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Center), based in Italy.


Assisting anyone found at risk at sea is an obligation under the Convention on the Law of the Sea signed at Montego Bay in December 1982 (Article 98).